"Ricky is one of the most positive human beings I know! He seems to approach every aspect of his life with joy and curiosity, and as a student of his, it's hard not to be affected by this! He has bravely taken me on as an adult student after I witnessed the care he took with my son in stimulating his creativity and love for music in general and composition in particular. He is carefully developing this precious passion in my son and my son looks to him as not only a most inspiring teacher but as a role model for life. Ricky made a huge impact on my pedagogy students at the Conservatorium this semester, having given a guest lecture on improvisation (a subject quite foreign to many classical piano students and teachers!), and has inspired several of them to take it further in their studies. Ricky places great importance on a high level of preparation and professionalism and is constantly seeking feedback from his students in order to tailor lessons to individual needs. And with me, he continues to show such patience and encouragement in my efforts to compose. I would recommend his studio to any prospective composer."    

Dr Bernadette Harvey (student since February, 2014)

Lecturer in Piano and Piano Pedagogy - Sydney Conservatorium of Music

“Ricky will be your music mentor as well as a great teacher. He listens to what you want to achieve and tailors the lesson to help you reach your goals. Ricky has a remarkably knowledge and skill in broad areas of music and no matter what style you wish to excel, he will help you succeed.  After every lesson, I feel motivated and inspirited to keep improving my abilities. I highly recommend Ricky to anyone from all ages and all levels.”  

Paul Chiu (student since March, 2014)

“I have been taking lessons with Henrique for several years now and have never looked back! Ricky is passionate about teaching and I always leave his class humming a tune and sharing a bit more of his enthusiasm for making music. He has a knack for focusing on the right balance of theory, practice and repertoire. I would definitely recommend taking music lessons with Henrique to a friend.”

Mathieu Jones (student since March, 2009)

“Ricky makes piano lessons more than learning to read the dots. He teaches you the theory and then to apply it in a meaningful way, you learn about the whole world of music at the same time as learning to play pieces and its lots of fun!!”

Jennifer Jobling (student since May, 2008)

"Ricky is an amazing teacher who stands as my favourite! He helps me unlock and express my creativity as well as provides a solid foundation on numerous areas of music including jazz, composition, musicology, western tonal theory, and music technology. His lessons are professional, fun and I recommend them to all!"

Mariam Sawires (student since Nov, 2006)

“Original, creative, inventive, instructive, inspirational .... this is Ricky Dib, my music teacher in a nutshell. Ricky has opened my eyes to a another dimension of music – composing – a whole new world of sound using the latest technological equipment. Like me, you too will be amazed what original work you can create under Ricky's instruction. I would never have imagined it possible. With Ricky, making music has never been so much fun, so exciting and so productive.”  

Alexandra Fraser (student since Nov, 2013)

“If you are tired of playing a daily boring routine of practice and want to try something different I can highly recommend Ricky. He is the most inventive and patient teacher I know. His approach to piano playing, improvisation and jazz repertoire makes practice fun. I can highly recommend him.”

Jennifer Perry (student since March, 2009)

“The most important quality a teacher can possess is the ability to inspire an insatiable desire of learning within a student. Ricky accomplishes this by giving me the keys to open the doors of the infinite world of music composition, imparting not only an understanding of music theory, but also of sound sculpture and virtual synthesis. I highly recommend him to any budding bedroom producers looking for the next-level skills required to create professional tracks. Every lesson I leave feeling excited at the prospect of what the next lesson will bring.”

Lewin Cary (student since May, 2009)

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