"Ricky is one of the most positive human beings I know! He seems to approach every aspect of his life with joy and curiosity, and as a student of his, it's hard not to be affected by this! He has bravely taken me on as an adult student after I witnessed the care he took with my son in stimulating his creativity and love for music in general and composition in particular. He is carefully developing this precious passion in my son and my son looks to him as not only a most inspiring teacher but as a role model for life. Ricky made a huge impact on my pedagogy students at the Conservatorium this semester, having given a guest lecture on improvisation (a subject quite foreign to many classical piano students and teachers!), and has inspired several of them to take it further in their studies. Ricky places great importance on a high level of preparation and professionalism and is constantly seeking feedback from his students in order to tailor lessons to individual needs. And with me, he continues to show such patience and encouragement in my efforts to compose. I would recommend his studio to any prospective composer."    

Dr Bernadette Harvey - Lecturer in Piano and Piano Pedagogy

Sydney Conservatorium of Music

(student since February, 2013)

“Ricky will be your music mentor as well as a great teacher. He listens to what you want to achieve and tailors the lesson to help you reach your goals. Ricky has a remarkably knowledge and skill in broad areas of music and no matter what style you wish to excel, he will help you succeed.  After every lesson, I feel motivated and inspirited to keep improving my abilities. I highly recommend Ricky to anyone from all ages and all levels.”  

Paul Chiu

(student since March, 2014)

- I love a good cup of coffee and, as absurd as it may sound, I don't mind decaf!  

- My favourite hobbies are: bike riding, flight simulators and table tennis!

- I love indoor/outdoor skydiving! Done it four times and so far I am still alive!  

- Going on road trips around Australia with my wife and getting lost is a must!

- Our car is called Princes Lea, yes...Lea from Star Wars!

- I love watching UFO videos on youtube when I have the time!

- One day I will have the courage to go down a black track when skiing!

Success Stories


Hey there, thanks for checking out my website and I hope you enjoy your visit.

I often get asked why I am always so happy and excited. My answer is simple - It's because I am crazy about what I do!

Music is my ultimate passion and I make sure that my love for it is reflected in the interaction with my students and in the quality of my services. So, without any further delay...Welcome to MusicLessonsSydney.com.au, you can be sure that here you will find...


About the teacher

Piano & Music theory lessons

Repertoire in any style

Technical skills and agility


Harmony and Jazz voicing

Music theory made fun and easy!






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I began my musical journey at the age of 5 and never stopped ever since. I have studied intensively classical & jazz piano, music theory, harmony and composition, and always found myself freely improvising on pretty much any musical style. Also, I love sharing my musical knowledge with others, so becoming a music teacher, alongside my composition and performance careers, was a natural choice for me. I use technology every day to compose, to play and to teach and I encourage everyone to do so.

What I am about

Some fun facts about me

- Inspiring my students to do more and achieve more

- Always trying new ways to improve my teaching skills

- Learning should take place in a fun and relaxed environment

- Being easily reachable and replying emails promptly

- Treating each student with respect and honesty  

- Giving honest feedback and suggestion for improvement

- Being friendly and easy-going


Veronica and Oliver get into the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in 2017

Veronica is accepted at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music to study a double degree majoring in Composition/Education and Oliver goes for a Bachelor of Music (Composition). We worked really hard for a whole year in order to put together a strong portfolio and application. Well done guys! I am very proud of you both!  

Chrysoulla and Oliver fanfare competition

I am very happy and proud to say that out of the 8 winners for the 2016 Artology Fanfare Competition, 3 are from NSW and 2 of them are my current composition students. Well done you both! The future looks very bright! :)

Shaun gets into the Sydney Conservatorium of Music

On his first attempt, Shaun is accepted at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music to study Composition. We worked really hard for a whole year in order to put together a strong portfolio and application. Well done, Shaun!  

Josie gets a 'Pass with High Distinction' on her AMEB exam!

After 6 months working really hard with me, Josie is rewarded with a High Distinction on her AMEB piano exam (grade 3). Piano is her second instrument and I am delighted with that result! Congratulations Josie!  

Congratulations to Luke Tan!

Luke got 2nd place at the 2013 Sydney McDonald's Eisteddfod Music Composition Competition! This was his very first competition! He has been studying composition with me for the past 3 years...and he is only 10!! Such a talented kid! :)

Isabella Manfredi's career takes off with "The Preachers"!

After two years as a regular student (piano and composition/song writing), Isabella wins the prestigious ARIA Awards 2013 for 'Best Pop Release' with the single "Is this How You Feel?" Go Isabella!

Mariam goes to Japan!

Mariam signed a 9-month music contract in Japan! She performed 5 nights a week at a Japanese Cruise! “This was like a dream for me and a big step towards my goal to become a professional singer, pianist and songwriter!” Well done Mariam!

Gautier's outstanding results in Year 7 Music Exams!!!

Congratulations to Gautier Lam for his outstanding results at the Sydney Technical High School. He got 100% in his composition and performance exams for Year 7. Well done Gautier, and keep improving!

Congratulations to Joss!!

Congratulations to Joss Cary for winning the Junior Piano competition at Crambrook School - Year 5 and Year 6! According to the judges, Joss showed an outstanding level of technical skills and expression! Well done Joss!  

Congratulations Mariam!

Congratulations to Mariam Sawires! Mariam, a student from Newtown High School of Performing Arts, scored 19.5/20 (by far the highest mark in her class) for her performance of "Lady" by Regina Spektor. This was for her HSC assessment - MUSIC 2 Course (Performance). Well done Mariam!

* All tracks are student's compositions except 3, 4, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15

* All tracks were produced, recorded, mixed and mastered during the lessons

Composition lessons

Composition techniques

Compose using Sibelius and Logic Pro

Music technology and sound libraries

Orchestration and MIDI orchestration

Electronic/Electroacoustic composition

Music Production Lessons


Basic concepts in mixing and mastering

How to get better workflow

These are just a few successful stories of some of my current and past students...

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Why choose MusicLessonsSydney

- Fully qualified and passionate teacher who is very active in the music industry

- 30min FREE trial lesson (interview)  

- 19 years of teaching experience (private lessons and classes)

- Original teaching methods using shapes and graphics to help students learn scales, chords and melodies

- Brand new approach to learn rhythm and music reading that has helped hundreds of students!  

- Multi-award-winner film composer and teacher at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music since 2009

- 100% success in preparing students for auditions, exams, interviews and applications for further academic studies

- Recipient of the University of Sydney Medal and 14 scholarships

- Full member of the Music Teachers' Association of NSW

- Registered teacher of AMEB (Australian Music Examination Board)

- 100% positive feedback from students and parents!

- No registration fees and no term contracts

- Total respect to student's/parent's money and time

- Dynamic, exciting and fun lessons!

- Hands-on learning methods to make each student motivated from the beginning!

- Great variety of music styles to suit all tastes!

- Latest in music technology, notation software and sound libraries!

- Work with children check and fully insured music studio (including public liability)

Private Lessons



To provide a solid foundation of musical knowledge and training to everyone wishing to express themselves through the wonderful and universal language of music.


The Studio offers not only professional, individually prepared, and highly enjoyable music lessons to students of all levels and age, but also aims to create opportunities for the development of individual musicality and creativity. In a friendly and relaxing atmosphere, students will gradually master their theory, technique, interpretation, improvisation, composition and production skills. Whatever your intentions are, I guarantee that I will inspire you to practice every day, achieve your best results and to love music even more. Whatever your taste for music is, I guarantee that you will be playing/composing in the style you want to play.

I think it's very important for a student to see the process of music making in action. From the very beginning of the composition stage to the very final product!  

The tracks below represent only a small sample of what my students are doing during our lessons. I chose a few tracks in a wide variety of styles (from rock to classical, and dance to orchestral music) in order to show that here, at my studio, we make music in any style!

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"Music is much more than scales, sight-reading or dots on paper. Playing "perfectly" without feeling or composing without soul means nothing to me. When you play, compose or produce, you must always remember to put your heart in each note. By doing so, you will experience a much higher level of immersion, joy and fulfilment."  

Henrique 'Ricky' Dib

For info about my work as composer and producer, please click here