How much does it cost?

These are the current fees (2017) charged by the Studio for private one-to-one tuition.


                                       30min lesson                 1hr lesson                   2hrs lesson

week days                       $70  ($65)                     $100 ($95)                  $180  ($170)

weekends                        $80  ($75)                     $110 ($105)                $200  ($190)

Fortnightly lessons                                                $110

One-off lessons                                                      $120


- $ = paying lesson by lesson

- ($  ) = paying the month in advance (applied only to regular weekly students)

- a $5 addition is applied to lessons starting from 6pm

What do I need to know about payment, cancellations and make-up lessons?

Please follow the rules below as this is the best way to show respect and consideration to your teacher!

The teacher has the right to terminate the lessons at any time if the student/parent does not follow the rules.

Feel free to contact me via email, txt or phone to discuss any issues or concerns.


The Studio offers two options for payment:

1) paying lesson by lesson (cash only or bank transfer*)

2) paying the month in advance (cash or bank transfer)

* only applicable for payment of missed lessons (entitled to a make-up lesson or not).  

If paying via bank transfer please note that the funds must reach the account BEFORE the lesson time.

So, please allow at least 48hrs for your transfer.

Bank Account details: CBA (Commonwealth Bank) BSB:062799 ACC:12195251 ACC name: HDIB and SDIB

ALL lessons must have been paid in full by the agreed lesson time

regardless of attendance, make-up lesson eligibility and form of payment!

Cancellations and Make-up lessons

- Lessons will be charged if:

     * the student doesn't attend the lesson and doesn't notify the studio.

     * the student notifies the studio less than 24hrs before the lesson time.

So, to be entitled for a make-up lesson, the student/parent must notify the studio at least 24hrs prior to the lesson           time, otherwise the lesson will be charged.

- If the student who pays lesson by lesson in cash cannot attend a lesson (entitled to a make-up lesson or not), the lesson must still be paid by the lesson time via bank transfer. Then, the make-up lesson (if applicable) will be arranged at a mutually convenient time.

- Under no circumstances lessons can be simply skipped.

- Missed lessons that are entitled for a make-up lesson will not be transferred as credits to the following week or month. They need to remain as make-up lessons.

- The make-up lesson will be charged if the student fail to attend it.

- In case the student goes on holiday, needs to travel or needs a short brake (for any personal reason), and wants to secure his/her regular slot, a fee of $20/week will be charged and should be paid in advance.  

- Students and parents must give the studio at least two weeks notice if they wish to discontinue the course.

What else do I need to know?

The studio has all the Terms & Conditions explained here. Please read it carefully!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.